Eliminate Private School Vouchers

We cannot allow the elites in this state to funnel money out of the public school systems and into their own pockets. We live in a society that understands that educating every child is a social good; I oppose any form of school vouchers. I am fundamentally opposed to any scheme that strips funding away from our public schools. For this reason, I am opposed to any form of school vouchers. Taxpayers should not see funding stripped away from their school systems in order to support private, for-profit, schools. Furthermore, just because you chose to go beyond the school system to educate your child does not mean you get to abdicate your social responsibility to pay for the public school system. Just like Georgia is better off when people all over the state have access to roads to facilitate commerce, we are all better off when children across the state receive the best possible education, regardless of whether or not you have a child in the school system.