Repeal Right to Work

Empowering unions to fight for our rights and empowering citizens to live their dreams by raising the minimum wage. Our city has a problem, a quarter of our citizens live in poverty, and that number jumps up to almost half among children under the age of 18. The legislature must set the conditions for individuals to thrive in a 21st century economy, not to be exploited by large corporations. I am happy that so many large corporations have decided to make Georgia and Savannah home, but the legislature cannot allow that success to be at the expense of small businesses and workers. We must fight to repeal so-called “right-to-work” laws that make it more difficult for workers to unionize and organize while also immediately raising the state minimum wage from an unlivable $5.15 an hour to a livable wage of $12 dollars per hour, with a goal of raising again to $15 an hour over three years. I will fight to make sure that our minimum wage is pegged to inflation, so that future generations of Georgians will never have to fight for a fair day’s pay again.