Restructure and Fully Fund QBE

The Quality Basic Education formula is out of date and state funding is insufficient for the needs of Georgia’s students. Reform is not enough, we must restart. As your representative, I will lead the charge to restructure Quality Basic Education (QBE). Currently, QBE is not matched to inflation and is based on an equation calculated in 1985. Despite fully funding QBE mandates in 2019 (something legislators could only agree on in a contentious election year), the formula is over three decades old and the allocation is inadequate in terms of today’s dollars. QBE must be thrown out and completely reworked to reflect the priorities of 21st century classrooms including wraparound services. Schools must be safe and modern facilities with access to technologies students will use in the workforce, and teachers shouldn’t have to spend their own money to provide basic necessities like art supplies, paper, and pencils.

Once new policy is enacted, I will support a resolution requiring the legislature to apportion all resources budgeted for education, each and every year. Fully funding public education at the state level will reduce the tax burden on citizens. When unfunded mandates are forced on local systems like SCCPSS, the only recourse the Georgia Constitution allows is to increase property taxes or introduce ESPLOST ballot measures. It is fundamentally immoral for the investment in any child’s education to be based on the relative wealth of the community. To provide relief from regressive tax schemes, we must devise, then enforce, a fair and egalitarian paradigm.